We prefer to work closely with our clients to design and develop projects.

Our Process

  • 1Contact Us
  • 2Initial Meeting
  • 3Engage Draftsman
  • 4Quote
  • 5Contract
  • 6Construction
  • 7Project Completion

Contact Us

Make a convenient meeting time via:

Initial Meeting

Meet with you and discuss the following:

  • Design Concepts
  • Space Planning
  • Functionality of Area and;
  • Budget Expectations

Engage Draftsman

  • Either meet and brief our draftsman or your own
  • Draftsman will prepare preliminary plans
  • Draftsman will lodge plans with council for comment and approval
  • Meet with you to review plans and make any necessary changes


  • If you already have working drawings this is where the process will commence for you
  • We will compile a quote (depending on the type of project this generally takes 4 weeks)
  • We send the quote to you for your perusal and comments
  • We will make a convenient meeting time with you to discuss the quote and make any necessary adjustments


  • Once you agree to the quoted price a start date is confirmed
  • The Building Contract is given to you to peruse before signing
  • We meet with you to sign the contracts (a copy for you and a copy for us)
  • You pay us the deposit amount (either via Cheque or EFT)
  • You provide us with Proof of Ability to Pay the contracted amount
  • We obtain Builders Warranty Insurance and any necessary permits


  • Regular meetings are held with you throughout the life of the project
  • We are always contactable by e-mail or phone
  • Depending on the type of the project a surveyor may perform routine inspections throughout the life of the project
  • Claims are sent to you as each building stage is completed, the stages are listed below:

Project Completion

  • On completion of the project we conduct a 'walk through' with you and formulate a list of any further jobs requiring attention
  • Depending on the type of project a building surveyor will conduct a Final Inspection
  • A Certificate of Occupancy (for new builds) or Certificate of Final Inspection (for extensions or renovations) is issued
  • We provide you with a Handover Kit containing all the necessary Certificates and paperwork